lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Banjo Problems - Stactor Mgee

01.-Clocksucker Blues Part 1
02.-Clocksucker Blues Part 2
03.-Fried Beans and Amplifiers
04.-Derek Bailey in a Blender
05.-Hawaiian Funeral
06.-Nut Medley
07.-I'm doin' it!
08.-Weasels In Sugar
09.-Banjo Problems
10.-The Effects of Slapstick Humor On Reindeer
11.-Middle-Aged Indian Guy
13.-The Persian Squeak
14.-A Bad Case Of Nerds
15.-Drain Brain
16.-My Second Favorite Part

Danny McGuire and Hal McGee - Jiblit Dupree and Hal McGee Love You

01.-Wrong hole
02.-My Love For You Overfloweth Like A Sperm Whale Into a Goldfish
03.-Maybe Baby
04.-Ballsack Blues In F Minor
05.-Bitch Miscarried Our Little Redneck
06.-I Wanna Go Hard In A Retard
07.-Hal McGee's Got More Stipulations Than Anyone Else In History
08.-Equal Opportunity Hate
09.-Nature Is Overrated
10.-If I Die
11.-You Can't Do That
12.-Bodies (country noise version)
13.-I Love You
14.-Love You Long Time Or Whatever Fifty Dollars Will Get Me
15.-Fifty For The Pink, Hundred For The Brown
16.-The Charles Bukowski Blues
17.-Wasted Time
18.-Drink You Up

Deltahead - Peace Junk Drums

01.What am i doing waisting my time with you?
02.-This is The House
03.-Sometimes i wonder
04.-I´m on to you

Batman VS Wild Evel And The Trashbones


01.- Fräulein, Fräulein, Fräulein
02.- Motorbiene

Eric And the Blues Band

                                           Eric And the Blues Band  


01.-Get me my sweater
02.-The Postman
04.-Take Me Home
06.-She´s not you (But she´s allright)
07.-Ain´t nobody business
08.-Not Guilty
09.-Ethanol Girl
10.-Back in the U.A.E.

martes, 10 de julio de 2012

VA - Shake'em On Down: The Real Country Blues


01. Fred Mcdowell - Shake 'em On Down
02. Big Joe Williams - Sloppy Drunk Blues
03. Bukka White - Alabama Blues
04. Sleepy John Estes - Need More Blues
05. Furry Lewis - Judge Boushay Blues
06. Robert Pete Williams - Pardon Denied Again
07. Smoky Babe - Rabbit Blues
08. Big Joe Williams - Take Me Out Of The Bottom
09. Fred Mcdowell - Fred's Worried Life Blues
10. R.L. Burnside - Poor Black Mattie
11. Joe Callicott - Come Home To Me, Baby
12. Clarence Edwards - Smokestack Lightning
13. Fred Mcdowell - Write Me A Few Lines
14. Smoky Babe - Mississippi River
15. Robert Pete Williams - Just Tippin' In
16. Big Joe Williams - She Left Me A Mule To Ride
17. Houston Stackhouse - Canned Heat
18. Johnny Woods - Three O'clock In The Morning
19. Nathan Beauregard - 'Bout A Spoonful
20. Robert Nighthawk with Carey Mason - You Call Yourself A Cadillac
21. Johnny Young and Otis Spann - Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business
22. Napoleon Strickland - Oh, Baby

VA - Killed By One Man Band

01.-dead elvis and his one man grave - do the deadwalk
02.-reverend beat man - i wanna know
03.-martin vylde - slicka mitt laΜˆder
04.-toothless george - i'll always be true
05.-garagekid - lovesick dog
06.-killer (ea80) -
07.-john schooley - lucky for you there's only one of me
08.-bloodshot bill - hot spring baby
09.-mr bonz - love my woman
10.-elvis pummel - becaus'
11.-el bastardo - hound dog
12.- mosquito bandito - hey asshole
13.-fabulous a go go  boy - in the rock'n'roll beat
14.-goussep piss artist 77 - i'm a social disgrace
15.-urban junior - jesus between your legs

martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

01.-The Boogie Bumper
02.-Mr. Pinstripe Suit
03.-King Of The Swing
04.-Minnie The Moocher
05.-You And Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)
06.-Jump With Me Baby
07.-Maddest Kind Of Love
08.-Go Daddy-Go
09.-Please Baby
10.-Mambo Swing
11.-Jumpin` Jack
12.-So Long-Farewell-Goodbye

Thee 50`s High Teens - Punch De Beat

01.-Don`t Break My Heart
02.-Red Star
03.-Love Me Tonight
04.-Stroller In The Air
05.-Nobody Knows
06.-It`s All Over
07.-Everithing`s Alright
09.-Shor On Love
10.-Aeba Suki Suki

Los SuperAvengers - Perfect Wave

Perfect Wave

01.-Shark Attack!!!
02.-Lulu`s Lullabilly
03.-G.B.F. (The Good, The Bad & The Furious!)
04.-Portal Assassin
05.-Cave Surfing
06.-The Dude
07.-Diablo Del Mar
08.-Surfer`s Dream
09.-Perfect Wave
10.-Moon Over Lathrop
11.-Cotton Candy
12.-El Avenger
13.-Last Ride

Ed Sanders - Sanders' Truckstop


1.Jimmy Joe, The Hippybilly Boy
2.The Maple Court Trajedy
3.Heartbreak Crash Pad
5.The Plaster Song
6.The Illiad
7.Breadtray Mountain
8.The ABM Machine
9.They're Cutting My Coffin At The Sawmill
10.Homesick Blues
11.Pindar's Revenge

Huey "Piano" Smith & His Clowns - Having a Good Time

Having A Good Time

01.-Rockin Pneumoinia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
02.-Little Chckie Wah Wah
03.-Little Liza Jane
04.-Just A Lonely Clown
05.-Hush Your Mouth
06.-Don`t You Know Yokomo
07.-Havin` A Good Time
08.-Don`tcha Just Know It
09.-Well I´ll Be John Brown
10.-Everybody`s Wailin`
11.-High Blood Pressure
12.-We Like Birdland

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

VVAA - Tokyo Trashville


01 - Supersnazz  Year 1
02 - Muddy Frankenstein  Chocolate
03 - Guinny Vamps  He's Waitin'
04 - Teengenerate  Johnny & Dee Dee
05 - Guitar Wolf  Kung Fu Ramone
06 - Texaco Leatherman  Photographer
07 - Mutant Monster Beach Party  Motorbikin' Shake
08 - Great Mongoose  Let's Dance
09 - Jacke & the Cedrics  Squad Car
10 - The's  Ki-Kya Shout
11 - Mad 3  Ali Baba

Mutants Of Holocaust - Kings Of Rock`n`Roll

04.-End Of The World
06.-Baby`s Got A Ten Maegaton Bomb

Bob Log III - School Bus

01.-String Around a Stick
02.-All The Rockers Go Bang
03.-Fire In A Little Hole
04.-Big Ass Hard On
05.-Duck Back Down
06.-Old Lady Jones
07.-Look At That
09.-I Want Your Shit On My Leg
10.-Cold Motor
11.-Pig Tail Swing
12.-The Look At The Walk
13.-Land Of The Thousand Swirling Asses

Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation

01.-Jet Generation
02.-Fujiyama Attack
03.-Kaminari One
04.-Kung Fu Romance
05.-Teenage Ufo
06.-Cosmic Space Girl
07.-Roaring Blood
08.-Gakulan Rider
09.-Refrigerator Zero
10.-Shimane Slim
11.-Cyborg Kids
12.-Summerime Blues
13.-Can-Nana Fever

Billy Childish & Dan Melchior - Devil In The Flesh

01.-Trouble No More
02.-Lenght Of Pipe
03.-Bottom Of The Sea
04.-Deep Down In My Heart
05.-Two Men
06.-Heart In Hand
07.-I Feel So Bad
08.-I`m Hurtin
09.-Just To Be With You
10.-Honey Bee
11.-Gave Myself Away
12.-Devil In The Flesh

Hasil Adknis - Poultry In Motion (The Hasil Adkins Chicken Collection 1955 - 1999)

01.-Chicken Walk
02.-Chicken Hunch
03.-Chicken Hop
04.-Chicken Run
05.-Chicken Wobble
06.-Cookin´ Chicken
07.-Chicken Flop
08.-Chicken Hop
09.-Chicken Shake
10.-Chicken Blues
11.-Pick That Chicken
12.-Chicken Twist
13.-Chicken On The Bone
14.-Chicken Walk
15.-Chicken Hop

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

VA - A La Mierda Con tu Underground Vol. 2

01.-Kiss Me Peggy - Ugly Miss Piggy
02.-Big Dick Motherfucker - Ugly Miss Piggy
03.-La Piernas Tatuadas - Ugly Miss Piggy
04.-Nunca - Fan Club
05.-Venus - Fan Club
06.-El - Fan Club
07.-Soy Un Animal - Sex Sex Sex
08.-Aburrido De Ti - Sex Sex Sex
09.-Extasis blues - Sex Sex Sex
10.-T.H.C. - Los Sustos
11.-Baby, Please Don´t Go- Los Sustos
12.-No Puedo Parar!! - Los Sustos

New Kind Of Mambo - New Knd Of Mambo

01.-New Kind Of Mambo
02.-Monkey Swing
03.-Luv Me True
04.-Whole Lot Treat
05.-Land Of 1000 Dance

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Batman & Robin - I'm A Bat!!! I'm A Rock'n'Roll Animal!

01.-I'm A Bat!!! I'm A Rock'n'Roll Animal!
02.-Gotham City Blues
03.-I Feel Pretty Good While Smashing Other People!
04.-Run! Joker, Run! 

Batman And Robin - My Hero-Power Is My Moustache!

My Hero-Power Is My Moustache!


01,.My Hero-Power Is My Moustache!
02,.Wonder What To Do Uh! No Problem! I Have The Bat-Belt!
03,.Be My Little Cat
04,.Unable To Speak After Drinking Uh! Whisky!

Batman And Robin - Who The Fuck Is Superman!

Who The Fuck Is Superman!

01.-Who The Fuck Is Superman!
02.-Whatever I Hate Rock´n´Roll
04.-Be Scared
05.-I Feel Pretty Good

The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues/Torture

01,.Mule Skinner Blues

martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Ugly Miss Piggy - Ep

Ugly Miss Piggy

01.-I Feel Like A Cucaracha
02.-El Diablo
03.-La Riena de Los Groseros
04.-Somebody´s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight

Chuck And The Crack-Pipes - One Loung Down

One Loung Down
01.-Six Pack To Go
02.-Takin´Them Drugs
03.-One Loung Down
04.-Non-Addictived Marijuana
05.-Cocaine (All Around My Brain)
06.-Too Many Pills
08.-Drug Heaven
09.-Take A Trip (Guitar Version)
10.-Hellraizing Days
11.-Honky Tonks Has-Been
12.-Takin´Them Drugs (Alt Version)
13.-Take A Trip (Lap Steel Version)

Thee Dirtybeats

The Dirtybeats

01.-You Lied To Me Before
02.-You Turned Your Back On Me
03.-Fire Engine
04.-Stop It Baby
05.-Wild Man
06.-Shape Of Things To Come
07.-The Witch
08.-Cool One

sábado, 28 de abril de 2012

Retarded Rebel Rejects - Con Poco Nos Basta

04.-Voodoo Shock
05.-Sedientos de Sexo (Bonus Track)

Retarded Rebel Rejects - Torpe, Simple Y Sucio

02.-La Grasa es AMOR
03.-Soy Patetico (No se Colarme en el Metro)
04.-Mi Madre
06.-Terremoto Bop
07.-Hell, Sweet Home
08.-El Traidor
09.-El & Ella
10.-La Felicidad
11.-Mi Carro
12.-Monday Sunday Blues
13.-Muerto en Vida
14.-Inside My Brain (Angry Samoans Cover)
15.-Odio A La Gente (Anti-Nowhere League Cover)
16.-El Ataque de Sudor de Los 100,000 Litros
17.-Pareja Romantica Infectada
18.-Psicosis Blues
19.-Revuelta Juvenil en Mongolia (Ilegales Cover)
20.-Spiz, Follar, Talvez
22.-EH TU (Get Out Off My Cloud)
23.-Mad At You (Batmobile Cover)

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Wild Evel & The trashbones - Tales From The Cave

01 You Better Run
02 Oh Yeah!
03 Hot Rod Zombie
04 Let's Go Right Now
05 The Avenue Of Death
06 Mobumbu Hop
07 Rumble The Streets
08 Cathalina
09 Where You Gonna Go
10 Beat Rat
11 I Wanna Be Your Caveman
12 Lurf
13 Baby Come Down
14 Freak Train
15 Your Head, My Baseballbat
16 It's A Monster
17 Black Cat

O Lendário Chucrobillyman - Rock´n´Roll Primitivo

1 - Pee Wee Pegou Minha Arma
2 - Agora o Willian é um Psycho
3 - Hey Garota - Vamos sair por ai
4 - Fria como um Freezer
5 - Bin Bang Boom

O Lendário Chucrobillyman - E Sua Monobanda Orquestra

01 - The ice cream man
02 - johnny é um rebelde
03 - Human Machine
04 - carmen
05 - Bae paxá
06 - O Andarilho
07 - Perdido na capital
08 - Is it alright girl
09 - Assoviando no cemitério
10 - The Zulu death Twist
11 - Guitarra Míssil
12 - Hey Garota Vamos sair por ai

O Lendário Chucrobillyman - The Chicken Album

01-Chicken Flow
02 - Love Miner
03 - Chicken Strangle
04 - Coconut Road
05 - Where Should I lay my head
06 - Chicken Rhytmn
07 - Whiskey River
08 - Estrada da Vida

Juanito Wau - One Mouth Band

01.-Reverb Pool
02.-Porron Beat
03.-Quiero Un Pub

lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

The Amazing One-Man Band & The Fabolous Go-Go Boy From Alabama And His One-Man Band - Split

01-The Amazing One Man Band - man or demon
02-The Amazing One Man Band - shake it
03-The Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama and His OneManBand - Do Me Wrong
04-The Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama and His OneManBand - Let it Go

The Donnas & The Toilets - Split


01.-Get You Alone - The Donnas
02.-You Got It - The Toilets

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

VVAA - Alien, Psychos And Wild Things

01. Satellites - When will you stay
02. Satellites - The next boy
03. Wild Cherries - Baby baby
04. Wild Cherries - I cried once
05. Heart Attacks - Baba diddy baby
06. Swinging Machine - Do you have to ask
07. Swinging Machine - comin' on back home
08. The Banana - She's gone
09. The Banana - There she goes again
10. Panics - No more
11. Live Wires - Scrambled eggs
12. Miler Bross - Junp Jack jump
13. Smacks - Nobody else is gonna go
14. Hazards - Hey Joe
15. Uprisers - Let me take you down
16. Uprisers - Nine to five
17. English Muffins - Leave or stay
18. Nine Beats - Get it on

VVAA - A La Mierda Con tu Underground Vol. 1


12 Yo Rolling Stone
11 Pitero De Mierda
10 Bacha, Cerveza
09 Que Voy A Hacer
08 Sol De California
07 Ella Me Quiere Violar
06 Mojigata05 Maniac!!!
05 Maniac!!!
04 El Ataque De Las Cerdas Lobo
03 Hell Farm
02 Master Of Disaster
01 El Rap De La Muerte

VVAA - Reverend Beat-Man´s Dusty Cabinet Vol. 2

01 The Reverend Kelsey - I'm A Witness For My Lord
02 Louis Armstrong - Go Down Moses
03 Jack Hammer - Rebellion
04 Miles Davis - Blue Xmas
05 Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread
06 Sanni Purmonen - Karjalani Rahvas
07 Staple Singers - I Had A Dream
08 The Believers - Einst War Die Welt
09 Django Reinhardt - Halleluya
10 Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros
11 Narvel Felts - You Gave Me A Mountain
12 Louis Killen - The Black Leg Mines
13 Greek Song (Rembetiko)
14 Odetta - God's Gonna Cut You Down
15 The Jesus Lovers - Du

Thee Tumbitas - Spooky Voodoo Blues

01.-Woman Of Sin
02.-Oh My Love!
03.-A Por Ti
04.-Monster Dance

Thee Garagekids & His Orchestra - Gits A Rekkid!

01.-I Need You
02.-Give Me All, That You´ve Got
03.-The Rise And Fall Of A Girl
04.-I Can´t Decide

The Elektras - Rare Girl Garage Trash From Munich


01.-Nous Sommes Les Elektras
02.-Say You Love Me
03.-Theme From The Elektras
04.-It Ain´t Me

The Birds - You´re On My Mind


01.-You´re On My Mind
02.-You Don´t Love Me

Mexican Moustache

Mexican MoustacheTracklist:
01.-Unga Unga
02.-Swamp Thing
03.-Pobre Niña
04.-La Noche Del Cazador
05.-Rubia Siniestra

Los Marauders - You Make Me Cum In My Pants


01.-Los Marauders

02.-You Make Me Cum In My Pants

03.-Lone Twister

04.-Wicked Beat