jueves, 10 de abril de 2014

The Cramps - Big Beat From Badsville

01.-Cramp Stomp
02.-God Monster
03.-It Thing Hard-On
04.-Like A Bad Girl Should
05.-Sheena´s In A Goth Gang
06.-Queen Of Pain
07.-Monkey With Your Tail
08.-Davil Behind That Bush
09.-Super Goo
10.-Hyno Sex Ray
11.-Burn She Devil Burn
12.-Wet Nightmare
13.-Badass Bug
14.-Haulass Hyena
15.-Confessions Of A Psycho Cat
16.-No Club Lone Wolf
17.-I Walked All Night
18.-Peter Gunn

The Hipshakes - Sounds We Found

01.- Let's Get Acquainted
02.-I'm Alright
03.-Wasted Time
04.-Real Woman
05.-I Try
06.-Days Of Destiny
08.-Not Like I've Had Before
09.-Five Years Time
11.-I Hate Hipshakes
12.-Stuck In This Life
13.-Now We Know
14.-Bruce's Party Song
15.-Rovin' Down The River

Los Santos - ¡¡Grande Éxitos, Hijos De Puta!!

01.-El Supertwist
02.-Rock De La Panocha
03.-Quiero Ser Un Berberecho
05.-Tony Montana
06.-O Mal Da Cereixa
07.-Michael J. Fox
08.-El Monstruo
09.-I Hate You
13.-Welcome To Las vegas
14.-¡¡Yeh Yeh Yeh!!

The Cynics - Rock´N´Roll

01.-Baby What´s Wrong
02.-Way It´s Gonna Be
03.-Girl You´re On My Mind
04.-Get My Way
05.-Tears Are Coming
06.-Business As Casual
07.-Cry, Cry, Cry
08.-You Got The Love
09.-Close To Me
10.-Different Worlds
11.-Now I´m Alone
12.-Whats You Get
13.-Last time Around
14.-The Room

The Lords Of Altamont - The Altamont Sin

01.-No Love Lost
02.-Livin Hell
03.-Gods And Monsters
04.-Hold Fast
05.-Going Nowhere Fast
06.-Lightning Strikes
07.-Ne'er Do Well
08.-A Gun Called Justice
09.-The Altamont Sin
10.-Faded Black
11.-Driving Too Fast
12.-Make Out Doll
13.-Don't Slander Me
14.-Evil Hearted You

The Monkey Butlers - I Was A Teenage Monkey Butler

01.-We Got A Date
02.-Bring Me The Head Of Pat Baboone
03.-Jack The Ripper
04.-Can´t Afford You
05.-That´s The Bag I´m In
06.-What Is A Fisteris?

domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Lin Wray & His Rayman - Jack The Ripper

01.-Mr. Guitar
02.-My Beth
03.-Deacon Jones
04.-Steel Trap
05.-Cross Ties
06.-Jack The Ripper
07.-Fat Back
08.-Run Chicken run
10.-Big Ben
11.-Mash Potato Party 
12.-Rumble (Swan Version)

Los Malditos - Esa Clase De Chicas

02.-Esa Clase De Chicas