lunes, 12 de marzo de 2012

The Amazing One-Man Band & The Fabolous Go-Go Boy From Alabama And His One-Man Band - Split

01-The Amazing One Man Band - man or demon
02-The Amazing One Man Band - shake it
03-The Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama and His OneManBand - Do Me Wrong
04-The Fabulous Go-Go Boy From Alabama and His OneManBand - Let it Go

The Donnas & The Toilets - Split


01.-Get You Alone - The Donnas
02.-You Got It - The Toilets

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

VVAA - Alien, Psychos And Wild Things

01. Satellites - When will you stay
02. Satellites - The next boy
03. Wild Cherries - Baby baby
04. Wild Cherries - I cried once
05. Heart Attacks - Baba diddy baby
06. Swinging Machine - Do you have to ask
07. Swinging Machine - comin' on back home
08. The Banana - She's gone
09. The Banana - There she goes again
10. Panics - No more
11. Live Wires - Scrambled eggs
12. Miler Bross - Junp Jack jump
13. Smacks - Nobody else is gonna go
14. Hazards - Hey Joe
15. Uprisers - Let me take you down
16. Uprisers - Nine to five
17. English Muffins - Leave or stay
18. Nine Beats - Get it on

VVAA - A La Mierda Con tu Underground Vol. 1


12 Yo Rolling Stone
11 Pitero De Mierda
10 Bacha, Cerveza
09 Que Voy A Hacer
08 Sol De California
07 Ella Me Quiere Violar
06 Mojigata05 Maniac!!!
05 Maniac!!!
04 El Ataque De Las Cerdas Lobo
03 Hell Farm
02 Master Of Disaster
01 El Rap De La Muerte

VVAA - Reverend Beat-Man´s Dusty Cabinet Vol. 2

01 The Reverend Kelsey - I'm A Witness For My Lord
02 Louis Armstrong - Go Down Moses
03 Jack Hammer - Rebellion
04 Miles Davis - Blue Xmas
05 Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread
06 Sanni Purmonen - Karjalani Rahvas
07 Staple Singers - I Had A Dream
08 The Believers - Einst War Die Welt
09 Django Reinhardt - Halleluya
10 Eartha Kitt - Angelitos Negros
11 Narvel Felts - You Gave Me A Mountain
12 Louis Killen - The Black Leg Mines
13 Greek Song (Rembetiko)
14 Odetta - God's Gonna Cut You Down
15 The Jesus Lovers - Du

Thee Tumbitas - Spooky Voodoo Blues

01.-Woman Of Sin
02.-Oh My Love!
03.-A Por Ti
04.-Monster Dance

Thee Garagekids & His Orchestra - Gits A Rekkid!

01.-I Need You
02.-Give Me All, That You´ve Got
03.-The Rise And Fall Of A Girl
04.-I Can´t Decide

The Elektras - Rare Girl Garage Trash From Munich


01.-Nous Sommes Les Elektras
02.-Say You Love Me
03.-Theme From The Elektras
04.-It Ain´t Me

The Birds - You´re On My Mind


01.-You´re On My Mind
02.-You Don´t Love Me

Mexican Moustache

Mexican MoustacheTracklist:
01.-Unga Unga
02.-Swamp Thing
03.-Pobre Niña
04.-La Noche Del Cazador
05.-Rubia Siniestra

Los Marauders - You Make Me Cum In My Pants


01.-Los Marauders

02.-You Make Me Cum In My Pants

03.-Lone Twister

04.-Wicked Beat

Doctor Explosion A Travesty Of 60´s Girl


01.-A Travesty Of 60´s Girl
02.-Dance The Pulga

Doctor Explosion - ¡¡Chupa Aqui!!


01.-All Mine

02.-I Want You

03.-Ain´t Coming Home

04.-She Don´t Care About Time

05.-Honey Honey


07.-Come On Shake!


09.-She Broke My Heart


11.-Chesterfield Childish Club

12.-Summer Sun

The Mummies - Death By Unga Bunga!!

Death By Unga Bunga!!


01.-Introduction To The Mummies
02.-In And Out
03.-Girl Like You
04.-I´m Gonna Kill My Baby Tonight
05.-I´m Bigger Than You
06.-(I Should Better Be Lookin´ For) DangermanDie
08.-That Girl
09.-Test Drive
10.-Stronger Than Dirt
11.-Food, Sickles & Girls
12.-Your Love
13.-Down Home Girl
14.-(Doin´) The Kirk
15.-Babba Diddy Baby
16.-That´s Mighty Childish
17.-Just One More Dance
18.-House On The Hill
19.-You Must Fight To Live (On The Planet Of The Apes)
20.-One By One
21.-Zip A Dee Doo Dah

Banana Men - Play Songs Made Popular by the Cramps


01.-The Crusher

02.-Love Me

03.-Surfin´ Bird