viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

VA - A La Mierda Con tu Underground Vol. 2

01.-Kiss Me Peggy - Ugly Miss Piggy
02.-Big Dick Motherfucker - Ugly Miss Piggy
03.-La Piernas Tatuadas - Ugly Miss Piggy
04.-Nunca - Fan Club
05.-Venus - Fan Club
06.-El - Fan Club
07.-Soy Un Animal - Sex Sex Sex
08.-Aburrido De Ti - Sex Sex Sex
09.-Extasis blues - Sex Sex Sex
10.-T.H.C. - Los Sustos
11.-Baby, Please Don´t Go- Los Sustos
12.-No Puedo Parar!! - Los Sustos

New Kind Of Mambo - New Knd Of Mambo

01.-New Kind Of Mambo
02.-Monkey Swing
03.-Luv Me True
04.-Whole Lot Treat
05.-Land Of 1000 Dance

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Batman & Robin - I'm A Bat!!! I'm A Rock'n'Roll Animal!

01.-I'm A Bat!!! I'm A Rock'n'Roll Animal!
02.-Gotham City Blues
03.-I Feel Pretty Good While Smashing Other People!
04.-Run! Joker, Run! 

Batman And Robin - My Hero-Power Is My Moustache!

My Hero-Power Is My Moustache!


01,.My Hero-Power Is My Moustache!
02,.Wonder What To Do Uh! No Problem! I Have The Bat-Belt!
03,.Be My Little Cat
04,.Unable To Speak After Drinking Uh! Whisky!

Batman And Robin - Who The Fuck Is Superman!

Who The Fuck Is Superman!

01.-Who The Fuck Is Superman!
02.-Whatever I Hate Rock´n´Roll
04.-Be Scared
05.-I Feel Pretty Good

The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues/Torture

01,.Mule Skinner Blues

martes, 1 de mayo de 2012

Ugly Miss Piggy - Ep

Ugly Miss Piggy

01.-I Feel Like A Cucaracha
02.-El Diablo
03.-La Riena de Los Groseros
04.-Somebody´s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight

Chuck And The Crack-Pipes - One Loung Down

One Loung Down
01.-Six Pack To Go
02.-Takin´Them Drugs
03.-One Loung Down
04.-Non-Addictived Marijuana
05.-Cocaine (All Around My Brain)
06.-Too Many Pills
08.-Drug Heaven
09.-Take A Trip (Guitar Version)
10.-Hellraizing Days
11.-Honky Tonks Has-Been
12.-Takin´Them Drugs (Alt Version)
13.-Take A Trip (Lap Steel Version)

Thee Dirtybeats

The Dirtybeats

01.-You Lied To Me Before
02.-You Turned Your Back On Me
03.-Fire Engine
04.-Stop It Baby
05.-Wild Man
06.-Shape Of Things To Come
07.-The Witch
08.-Cool One