martes, 12 de junio de 2012

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

01.-The Boogie Bumper
02.-Mr. Pinstripe Suit
03.-King Of The Swing
04.-Minnie The Moocher
05.-You And Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)
06.-Jump With Me Baby
07.-Maddest Kind Of Love
08.-Go Daddy-Go
09.-Please Baby
10.-Mambo Swing
11.-Jumpin` Jack
12.-So Long-Farewell-Goodbye

Thee 50`s High Teens - Punch De Beat

01.-Don`t Break My Heart
02.-Red Star
03.-Love Me Tonight
04.-Stroller In The Air
05.-Nobody Knows
06.-It`s All Over
07.-Everithing`s Alright
09.-Shor On Love
10.-Aeba Suki Suki

Los SuperAvengers - Perfect Wave

Perfect Wave

01.-Shark Attack!!!
02.-Lulu`s Lullabilly
03.-G.B.F. (The Good, The Bad & The Furious!)
04.-Portal Assassin
05.-Cave Surfing
06.-The Dude
07.-Diablo Del Mar
08.-Surfer`s Dream
09.-Perfect Wave
10.-Moon Over Lathrop
11.-Cotton Candy
12.-El Avenger
13.-Last Ride

Ed Sanders - Sanders' Truckstop


1.Jimmy Joe, The Hippybilly Boy
2.The Maple Court Trajedy
3.Heartbreak Crash Pad
5.The Plaster Song
6.The Illiad
7.Breadtray Mountain
8.The ABM Machine
9.They're Cutting My Coffin At The Sawmill
10.Homesick Blues
11.Pindar's Revenge

Huey "Piano" Smith & His Clowns - Having a Good Time

Having A Good Time

01.-Rockin Pneumoinia And The Boogie Woogie Flu
02.-Little Chckie Wah Wah
03.-Little Liza Jane
04.-Just A Lonely Clown
05.-Hush Your Mouth
06.-Don`t You Know Yokomo
07.-Havin` A Good Time
08.-Don`tcha Just Know It
09.-Well I´ll Be John Brown
10.-Everybody`s Wailin`
11.-High Blood Pressure
12.-We Like Birdland

domingo, 10 de junio de 2012

VVAA - Tokyo Trashville


01 - Supersnazz  Year 1
02 - Muddy Frankenstein  Chocolate
03 - Guinny Vamps  He's Waitin'
04 - Teengenerate  Johnny & Dee Dee
05 - Guitar Wolf  Kung Fu Ramone
06 - Texaco Leatherman  Photographer
07 - Mutant Monster Beach Party  Motorbikin' Shake
08 - Great Mongoose  Let's Dance
09 - Jacke & the Cedrics  Squad Car
10 - The's  Ki-Kya Shout
11 - Mad 3  Ali Baba

Mutants Of Holocaust - Kings Of Rock`n`Roll

04.-End Of The World
06.-Baby`s Got A Ten Maegaton Bomb

Bob Log III - School Bus

01.-String Around a Stick
02.-All The Rockers Go Bang
03.-Fire In A Little Hole
04.-Big Ass Hard On
05.-Duck Back Down
06.-Old Lady Jones
07.-Look At That
09.-I Want Your Shit On My Leg
10.-Cold Motor
11.-Pig Tail Swing
12.-The Look At The Walk
13.-Land Of The Thousand Swirling Asses

Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation

01.-Jet Generation
02.-Fujiyama Attack
03.-Kaminari One
04.-Kung Fu Romance
05.-Teenage Ufo
06.-Cosmic Space Girl
07.-Roaring Blood
08.-Gakulan Rider
09.-Refrigerator Zero
10.-Shimane Slim
11.-Cyborg Kids
12.-Summerime Blues
13.-Can-Nana Fever

Billy Childish & Dan Melchior - Devil In The Flesh

01.-Trouble No More
02.-Lenght Of Pipe
03.-Bottom Of The Sea
04.-Deep Down In My Heart
05.-Two Men
06.-Heart In Hand
07.-I Feel So Bad
08.-I`m Hurtin
09.-Just To Be With You
10.-Honey Bee
11.-Gave Myself Away
12.-Devil In The Flesh

Hasil Adknis - Poultry In Motion (The Hasil Adkins Chicken Collection 1955 - 1999)

01.-Chicken Walk
02.-Chicken Hunch
03.-Chicken Hop
04.-Chicken Run
05.-Chicken Wobble
06.-Cookin´ Chicken
07.-Chicken Flop
08.-Chicken Hop
09.-Chicken Shake
10.-Chicken Blues
11.-Pick That Chicken
12.-Chicken Twist
13.-Chicken On The Bone
14.-Chicken Walk
15.-Chicken Hop