jueves, 5 de diciembre de 2013

Sex Sex Sex - Duro de Roer

01.-Aburrido de ti 
02.-Soy un animal
03.-Éxtasis blues

Mental - DEMOlido

01.-Amo a Peña Nieto
02.-Milagros para perros
03.-Reacción en cadena
04.-Antipatía y autoridad

Princess Mongo & The Rat Bones - Shake To Break

02.-Never Let You Down
03.-Don´t Wanna Be Alone
05.-Never Think It Twice
06.-Rise A flag
07.-Seven Days
08.-I Wanna Be A Monster
09.-Your Time Is Over
10.-No Way


lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013

King Cayman - Demo(n)

01.-Na, Na, Na
03.-Where You Gonna Go? (Art Guy)
04.-Too Many Reasons To Sell My Soul For The Devil
05.-Bleeding Gums
06.-Clap Your Hands, Say Yeah!
07.-I Wanna Walk The Dark Side (Walking By Your Side)
08.-Horns Of Satan
09.-Lucifer´s The Light Of The World (King Dude)


The Pussywarmers - The Chronicles Of Pussywarmers

01.-Me And My Girl
02.-I Had A Dream
03.-The Throne
04.-Send Me Some
05.-Credo Creperò
06.-Chanson D'Amour (Ce N'Est Pas Pour Moi)
07.-La Marcia Dell'Amor Negato
08.-With Thee
09.-La Nen La Bambele
10.-21 Marzo
11.-Broken Mirror
12.-Stolen Heart
13.-Dov'è Il Mio Cuor

lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Billy Childish & Sexton Ming - Plump, Prizes And Little Gems

01.-Muscle Horse
03.-I Ain´t Gonna See Kansas No More
04.-Mi Mi And Me
05.-The Cable Sausage Girls
06.-Major Dog: Be Kind To Cats
08.-The Woods Are Dangerous
09.-Here On My Knee
10.-Sweat And Grit With Arnie
11.-You Make Me Die
12.-Yummy Yellow Girls
13.-Sons Of The Desert
15.-The Fire-Werk Man
16.-The Caribou Of Intelligence
17.- Bizaars Oxen
18.-The Wild Breeed Is Here

Jesus & The Groupiies - Boogie, Bullets & Jesus Christ

01.-Ex-Wife Numer 3
02.-Boogie & Bullets 

lunes, 11 de noviembre de 2013

El Monstro

01.-Otra Copa 
03.-Verte Reir
05.-Largate de Aqui

Electric Frankenstein - I Was A Teenage Shoutdown

01.-Teenage Shoutdown
02.-It´s All Moving Faster
03.-Super Star
04.-Rise & Crash
05.-New Rage
06.-I Wish I Could
07.-Ef Theme
08.-Right On Target
09.-Demolition Joyride

Johnny Hoodoo - At My House

01.-Blue Moon Kentucky
02.-Bukka Train Shake
03.-Chariot Dub
04.-Cold In China
05.-Heartbreak Hotel
06.-Honky Tonk Gal
07.-How About Me
08.-Long Black Train
09.-Lovin Babe
10.-Never Drive A Stranger From your Door
11.-Oakie Boogie
12.-Rockin With Johnny
13.-Runnin From Dawgs
14.-Shake Your Hips
15.-Snake Eyed Mama
16.-Thats No Way To Get Along
17.-Too Hot To Handle
18.-Train Kept A Rollin
19.-Tutti Frutti
20.-Vestapol Messin
21.-Woman Named Mary

Teengenerate - Audio Recording

01.-Wild Weekend
02.-Shake a Tail Feather
03.-I Don´t Mind
04.-She´s a Dumb
05.-Don´t Come Close To Me
06.-Midnight To six Man
07.-Baby Doll
08.-White Talk
09.-The American Blues
10.-Dirty Robber
11.-Burn My Eye

Movie Star Junkies - A Poison Tree

01.-Under The Marble Faun
02.-Almost A God
03.-The Walnut Tree
04.-A Poison Tree
05.-Leyenda Negra
07.-Saddie Smile
08.-All Winter Ago

viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Ana Threat - Tug Of War Of Love

01.-Hurtin´ Kind
02.-Night Of The Sadist
03.-RNR Jungle Girl
04.-Ya Ha Ba Be
05.-Gotta Be A Reason

Mississippi Alligator - The Real Dirty Folk Blues Vol. II

01.-El Señor Satan
02.-Rock Sideral
03.-Follame Un Poco Mas

Mississippi Alligators - Babylon Boogie

01.-De Rodillas (Por Detras)
02.-Sexy Cadillac
03.-Quiero Beber
05.-Boogie Number 666
06.-Me Enamoro Facilmente
08.-Blues Predicador

Thee Undead Big Blues Shit - Baladas do Morto-Vivo

01.-Blue Moon Of Kentucky (Bill Monroe)
02.-Mi Corazó es Muerto-Vivo
03.-Vanchaisen Costrovein
04.-Blues Azul Calcinha
05.-Ela Velo de um Filme B
06.-Trem para Verita
07.-Baladas de Morto-Vivo
08.-Whisky Barato
09.-Boom Boom (John Lee Hooker)
10.-Jantar em Berlin (Bonus trash)
11.-Baby Shit (Bonus Trash)

Thee Undead Big Blues Shit / The Big Wireman - Four Hands, Fou Feet, Four Hits

01.-Thee Undead Big Blues Shit - The Loner
02.-Thee Undead Big Blues Shit - You´re Not Here
03.-The Big Wireman - Not A Cop
04.-The Big Wireman - Satisfy Me

Thee Alien Black Bird - I Can Say That I Love You if it's Required

01.-Quando a Chuva Chega ao Asfalto
02.-My Love Left Me To Die
03.-Caso Eu Deixe de Te Amar Amanha
04.-Hey! Hot Doctor
05.-A Dramática Morte de Gwen Stacy 
06.-Looking the Sky (Waitin´ For You)
07.-Can Be, Who Knows (Marina)
08.-Sad Tale

The Hollers - Holler´s Stomp

01.-Holler´s Stomp
02.-What You Need
03.-The Sorrowful Death Of Johnny Trash
04.-Let Me Borrow

The Hollers - Ep

01.-Sinkin´ Low
02.-My Soul Between Your Legs

Deadly Lo-Fi

01.-Doctor Gone Crazy
02.-The One For Me
03.-Vinyl Love
04.-teenagers From Outer Space
05.-Walk Into The Sun
06.-Little Crazy Sue
07.-El Gato Taco
09.-That Frankenstein
10.-But Hill Baby
11.-The Atomic Go-Go
13.-True Love

jueves, 7 de noviembre de 2013

The Kitsch - Ep

02.-Ghost Cuack
03.-Soy Un Marciano
04.-About That (bonus track)

Deadly Lo-Fi - Sampler Album

01.-Vynil Love
02.-The One For Me
03.-Walk Into The Sun
04.-El Gato Taco

VVAA - Terrible Things Always Happen

01.-The Telltale Sign - Amazon
02.-The Talltale Sign - Usvs Them
03.-The Banditos - Positronic Ray
04.-The Banditos - Cant´t Rock In Jail
05.-Surfin´ Mutant Pizza Party - Lameoids
06.-Surfin´ Mutant Pizza Party - пляж
07.-The Muzzlers - He Waits 
08.-The Muzzlers - Barren But Not Forgotten
09.-Nazi Drugs - Blue Moonshine
10.-Nazi Drugs - الهيروين الشيخ
11.-Butterqueen - U.F.Pho88.
12.-ButterQueen -P.B.S. 
13.-The Muzzlers - The Memory

miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2013

The Bomboras - Organ Grinder

01.-Return of the death day
02.-Take a chance 
03.-Organ grinder
04.-She kills me 
05.-Riot ciity
06.-Third star to the left
08.-Night rider
09.-Asphalt Eater
10.-Last call
11.-Lord hunt surf party
12.-Moon probe
14.-Forbidden planet

The Dirtbombs / King Khan & His Shrines

01.-Phantoms in a lesse crystalline sphere
02.-Born in a haunted barn
03.-The house as a giant bong
04.-The size of ottawa
05.-Another message from the dog tree
06.-I had to chew my own leg off
07.-Sweet tooth
09.-Burnin´ inside
10.-Killer diller
11.-40 Birds
12.-Take a trip

Mama Rosin - Brule Lentement

01.-Ou est passé E. C. Lenoir?
02.-Le two-step de l´haricot
03.-J´vas mon chemin  
04.-Honky tonky tout le temps
05.-Le valse des beaux-fréres
06.-You stole my motorcycle
07.-Les blues d´amédé
08.-Le pistolet
09.-When the police came
10.-´Ti monde
11.-dead love rag
12.-Johnny dance
13.-Bon temps roulet nr. 2

lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

Outdoor Protestant Blues Band - Knee Deep In Dirt

01.-Wont be me
02.-Pick me up
03.-Knee deep in the dirt
04.-No religion
05.-Oh no
06.-Before i get carried away
07.-Drinkin man 
08.-Waiting on the landlord
09.-Lyin on the floor

Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!! - Todo Roto

01.-Todo los voy a romper
02.-La ciudad no es para mi
03.-No puedo entender
04.-Fruta podrida
05.-Tres cabezas
06.-No me veras caer
07.-Rescate griego
08.-No se cantar
10.-Es un buen dia 
11.-Malditos modales
12.-Casa, trabajo, coche y mujer

jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

VVAA - Old School Sudamericass Monobandas


01.- I´m the amazing one man band - Amazing One Man Band
02.- Lies - Bang Bang Girls
03.- Mornin´ blues - Captain Shock Orquesta
04.- Cowboy prayer - Chuck Violence
05.- Spirituals drink form Congo - Congo Shock
06.-  La ruta del diabolo - Dr. Kalambre
07.- 24 bofetadas - El Trovador
08.- I´m your right now - The Fabolous Go-Go Boy From Alabama 
09.- Paso del rey - Gomez Mezcalero Y Los Graves Daibleros
10.- El blues de la primera dama  - Trash Colapso
11.- Spit Fire - Uncle Butcher
12.- All night long - Xtreme Blues Dog

viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

The Future Primitives - This Here's The Future Primitives

02.-I´m The Sound
03.-Fall To Pieces
04.-Sea Of Words
05.-Try On Something That´s Really You
06.-Open Up your Door
07.-I Been Searchin
08.-Untitled (The Dream)

Las Aspiradoras - Mil Puñaladas


01.-Mil puñaladas
02.-Ni rastro de polvo
03.-Te crees muy cool 
04.-No puedo parar
05.-Leña al mono 
06.-Mi adicción
07.-De usar y tirar
08.-Tornado man
09.-Los peligros de la noche 
10.-Solo lo hago en mi moto

martes, 2 de julio de 2013

sábado, 22 de junio de 2013

Los Wilson - Rock&Roll Insano!

02.-Maquina de La Muerte
04.-Toca, Muerde, Siente, Aprieta
06.-No Pueden Atraparme
08.-Cortame En Pedacitos
09.-Rabia Por Vivir
10.-Magnetismo Animal
11.-Maquina de La Muerte (Bonus Track)

Las Aspiradoras - Vuelven de La Jungla con...


martes, 18 de junio de 2013

Andre Williams - Silky



01.-Agile, Mobile And Hostile
02.-I Wanna Be your Favorite Pair Of Pajama
04.-Through It All
05.-Lookin´ Down At You Lookin´ up At Me
06.-Bring Me Back My Car Unstripped
07.-Car With Star
08.-Pussy Stank
09.-Only Black Man In South Dakota
10.-Let Me Put It In
11.-Country & Western Song
12.-Everybody Knew

The Pignose Willys - Who Do You Love

01.-Hoodoo Jungle Blues
02.-Plenty O´ Women
03.-Hummin Bird
04.-Woke Up This Morning
05.-This Dime Ain´t Yours (This Dime Is Mine)
06.-Fuzzbone Slim
07.-Green Bottle
08.-Mojo Bag
09.-Never Went to Frisco
10.-I Go Down
11.-Who´s calling You Baby, Baby
12.-Shake´em On down

The Bugs - The Bugs Are Leavin' Here EP

01.-Leavin Here
02.-Leave Us Alone
03.-See If I Care

VA - Monstruos Psicodelicos


01.-Las Pipas de La Paz - Your Brain
02.-Las Pipas de La Paz - Like a Feeling
03.-Los Agradables - Chica Beatnik
04.-Los Agradables - Los Monstruos Psicodelicos
05.-Los Bigams - El Escape de La Chica Greñuda
06.-Los Bigams - El Loco Roger
07.-Los Hastinos - Aléjame
08.-Los Hastinos - Veneno

sábado, 8 de junio de 2013

Los Bigams

01.-El Escape de La Chica Greñuda
03.-Dedos Y Rock&Roll
04.-Te Faltan Caricias
05.-El Loco Roger