lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Banjo Problems - Stactor Mgee

01.-Clocksucker Blues Part 1
02.-Clocksucker Blues Part 2
03.-Fried Beans and Amplifiers
04.-Derek Bailey in a Blender
05.-Hawaiian Funeral
06.-Nut Medley
07.-I'm doin' it!
08.-Weasels In Sugar
09.-Banjo Problems
10.-The Effects of Slapstick Humor On Reindeer
11.-Middle-Aged Indian Guy
13.-The Persian Squeak
14.-A Bad Case Of Nerds
15.-Drain Brain
16.-My Second Favorite Part

Danny McGuire and Hal McGee - Jiblit Dupree and Hal McGee Love You

01.-Wrong hole
02.-My Love For You Overfloweth Like A Sperm Whale Into a Goldfish
03.-Maybe Baby
04.-Ballsack Blues In F Minor
05.-Bitch Miscarried Our Little Redneck
06.-I Wanna Go Hard In A Retard
07.-Hal McGee's Got More Stipulations Than Anyone Else In History
08.-Equal Opportunity Hate
09.-Nature Is Overrated
10.-If I Die
11.-You Can't Do That
12.-Bodies (country noise version)
13.-I Love You
14.-Love You Long Time Or Whatever Fifty Dollars Will Get Me
15.-Fifty For The Pink, Hundred For The Brown
16.-The Charles Bukowski Blues
17.-Wasted Time
18.-Drink You Up

Deltahead - Peace Junk Drums

01.What am i doing waisting my time with you?
02.-This is The House
03.-Sometimes i wonder
04.-I´m on to you

Batman VS Wild Evel And The Trashbones


01.- Fräulein, Fräulein, Fräulein
02.- Motorbiene

Eric And the Blues Band

                                           Eric And the Blues Band  


01.-Get me my sweater
02.-The Postman
04.-Take Me Home
06.-She´s not you (But she´s allright)
07.-Ain´t nobody business
08.-Not Guilty
09.-Ethanol Girl
10.-Back in the U.A.E.