viernes, 26 de septiembre de 2014

Messer Chups - Bermuda 66

01.-Daphne Blues Lagoon
02.-Lipstick Twang
03.-Swamp Farming
04.-Back From The Bermuda Triangle
05.-Dead Down Comedy
06.-Chupacabra Twist
07.-Man In A Caiman Boots
08.-Jason Bond 0013
09.-El Zombirello vs Octopus Man Attack
10.-Authentic Bloodsucking Melody
11.-Voodoo Man
12.-Aquanatic Business
13.-Hollywood Devils
14.-Caligari Shadow
15.-Animal Woman

Garage Monsters - Safari ToMoonboobai

Safari ToMoonboobai

01.-Safari ToMoonboobai
02.-Last Exitto Flognesia

Driftin' Slim & His Blues Band - Somebody Hoo-Doo'd The Hoo-Doo Man

01.-Jackson Blues (Aka Jackson Tennessee)
02.-How Many More Years?
03.-Hoo-Doo Man Blues (Aka The Hoo-Doo Man)
04.-Mama Blues
05.-Standing Around Crying
06.-Give An Acoount
07.-Jack O'Diamonds
08.-My Little Machine
09.-Mama Don't Tear My Clothes
10.-This World Is None Of My Home
11.-A Dip Of Snuff And A Narrow Escape
12.-Till I Got Sixteen 
13.-Christine Blues
15.-I'm Hunting Somebody

lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

Jeffrey Novak One Man Band - To Hell In A Handbasket

01.-Get Out Of My House
02.-Platinum Blonde
03.-Street Walker
04.-Jungle Beat
05.-Here I Am, I Always Am
06.-Cut Me Loos
07.-On Through The Night
08.-She's A Rat
09.-Chantilly Rocks (& A Pony's Tail)
10.-Trouble Man
11.-Come On
12.-Woman Like You
13.-The Way I Walk

Mark Sultan - Sultanic Verses

01.-Beatiful Girl
02.-100 Little Women
03.-Cursed World
04.-Spinning Celling
05.-Two Left Feet
06.-Je Ne Savais Pas
07.-Mortal Man
08.-Something Wrong
10.-We're Sinking
11.-Unicorn Rainbow Odyssey

viernes, 19 de septiembre de 2014

Dollar Bill & His One Man Band - I Ain't Got But A Dollar

01.-I Ain't But A Dollar
02.-Good Mornin Judge
03.-Love My Baby
04.-Dollar Bill Breakdown
05.-Wish You Would
06.-She's Got It
07.-Short Change
08.-Shake You Hips
09.-I Cried For You
10.-Yes, I'm Feelin Fine
11.-That Don't Worry Me (Acoustic)
12.-My Baby Makes Me Feel (Alt)
13.-Gibson Stomp
14.-Be A Man

Delaney Davidson - Bad Luck Man

01.-Bad Luck Man
02.-I'm So Depressed
03.-Time Has Gone
04.-Another Man's Eyes
05.-You're A Loser
06.-I Saw The Light From Heaven
07.-I've Got The Devil Inside
08.-So Long
09.-River Of Misery
10.-I Told A Secret
11.-It's So Good
12.-Windy City
13.-Something Of Your Own
14.-How Lucky You Are

miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

The Great Munzini & The Astonishing Sotos!

01.-Oh Yeah
02.-No Time
03.-Indian Girl

Los Telepatas - Los Telepatas VS El Mundo

01.-Basta De Inflación
02.-Me Resfrié Por Vos
03.-Besos Impúdicos
05.-Los Novios No Te Duran
06.-Dios No Me Quiere
07.-Esperando A Erven
08.-¿Por Que No Te Vas De Acá?
09.-No Comprendes
10.-Oveja negra
11.-Sos Cruel
12.-Piqueteros del Amor
13.-Si Te Enteras De La Verdad
14.-Ya No Tengo CAspa

Messer Chups - Bride Of The Atom

02.-My Girl
03.-Holliday Of Love
04.-The World We Have Not Know
06.-Fantasy Flash
07.-Grey December 
08.-How To Become A Vampire
09.-The Second Advent Of Elvis
11.-Sound Sounteneur
12.-Bride Of The Atome
13.-Only Me
14.-Glukose Girls
15.-Leather Cake

Matorralman - Guateque Estelar

01.-Tema De Monamu
02.-Chicas Kamikaze
03.-No Lo C
04.-Vaquera Estelar
05.-Operacion Dinamo
06.-El Taxi Del Mañana
08.-Go Go Girl
09.-Yu Yu Beat
10.-El Acapulco Rock

viernes, 12 de septiembre de 2014

VA - Turban Renewal: A Tribute To Sam The Sham And The Pharaohs

01.-Hasil Adkins - Wooly Bully
02.-The Lyres - Ring Dang Doo
03.-The Untamed Youth - Monkey See Monkey Do
04.-The Brood - Love Like Before
05.-Homer Henderson - I Wish It Were Me
06.-The Devil Dogs - Don't Try It
07.-John Felice - Lil red Riding Hood
08.-Jackie And The Cedrics - Pharah A Go Go
09.-The Fleshtones - Medicine Man
10.-The Original Bep Vaughn Combo - Grasshopper
11.-The Ranch Hands - Green Ich Grendel
12.-The Naughty Ones - Sweet Talk
13.-Handsome Dick Manitoba - Ju Ju Hand
14.-Nine Pound Hammer - Ph Thats Good, No Thats Bad
15.-Little Richard Elizondo Combo - Juimonos (let's Went)
16.-The Hentchmen  - Like You Used To
17.-The Senders - Let's Talk It Over
18.-The A-Bones - The Out Crowd
19.-The Great Gaylord And The Friggs- Deputy Dog
20.-The Swingin' Neckbreakers - Struttin
21.-Roy Loney And The Young Fresh Follows - I Could Spell !!*@!
22.-Teengenerate - Sorry About That
23.-Los Chiflados Del Ritmo - The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin
24.-Flat Duo Jets - The Phantom
25.-The Vacant Lot - How Do You Catch Girl
26.-The A-Bones& Ruddy "Tutti" Futti - Wolly Bully 

Davila 666 - Tan Bajo

01.-Tan Bajo
03.-Yo Seria Otro
04.-Los Cruces
05.-Si Me Vez
08.-Esa Nena nunca Regreso
09.-Eso Que Me Haces
13.-Noche De Terror
14.-De Verdad