lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

Jack Starr - Born Petrified

01.-Crazy Rock (Bald Headed Woman & A Long Haired Man)
02.-My Love For You Is Petrified
03.-Come On
04.-Born Bad
05.-You Only Live Once
06.-Done Away With The Mean Old Blues
07.-Patty McCrombie
08.-Sweet Chick
09.-Rumble At Flagpole Hill
10.-Halloween Party
11.-Constellation Of A Fool
12.-I Love My Baby
13.-My Bay Don't Care
14.-Radio Spot For The Astonishing Soto
15.-I Need Your Luven
16.-Our Favourite REcording Session
17.-Beat Doll
18.-Godzilla We Love You
19.-Love Me Today
20.-Radio Spot Fot The Great Munzini
21.-Show Me What You Do
22.-Pain (Gimme Simpaty)

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