viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

The Monsters - The Worst Of Garage Punk


02.-The Love I Never Had
03.-Baby I Love You
04.-I Got The Brain Up My Ass
05.-Wild Thing
06.-High Heels
07.-Teenage Werewolf
08.-7 Gates Of Hell
09.-Dead End Street
10.-Hold Me, Hug Me
11.-Dead Song For Bela
12.-Psycho Trip
13.-Blues For Joe
14.-Monster Rock
15.-Don't Burn The Witch
16.-Fuck My Brain Buddah Buddah
17.-Lonesome Town
18.-Burn My Mind
19.-Never Come Back
20.-Out Of My Live
21.-Rosemary Mc Coy
23.-Watcha Gonna Do
25.-Oh Wrong
26.-Voodoo Love
27.-Züri Brönnt
28.-Wanna Be Like I Wanna Be
30.-Fuck My Brain

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